Where’s the “protest” in Protestantism gone? » Kent Hodge (May 2010)

Have we lost the “protest” in Protestantism? Current Western Christianity seems little more than an experience for me and “love” is seen more in terms of being “nice” than fulfilling our duties of faith. Kent Hodge briefly examines the basis for godly living and how as that is played out it fulfills the dutiful requirement of an outward focus on mission.

How good doctrine and godly living lead to Christian mission.

Some of things that have been going through my mind as I have been praying in Jos over the past week…

We all live in an incredibly self orientated world which makes it hard for to see and respond to kingdom of God issues. I guess this is what Paul meant by the spirit of this world. We all know that it’s all around us. The thing is that it must be combated through the gospel of Jesus Christ – which stands in direct juxtaposition.

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